DVD-R Question

Hey guys,

I just ordered some 8x dvd-r’s from supermediastore.com.
I ordered Taiyo Yuden Silver Thermal Printable 8X DVD-R Media.
Has anyone bought these from this place and if yes, are they legit?


I’d try the Media forum unless you have a NEC recorder for them to be used on. Never used them myself.


I do have the NEc ND-3500A. I just wanted to know know how the media works on them.


That’s probably the best -R media for the ND-3500A.


ABSOLUTELY the BEST media for your 3500-

Also the TY 8x +R’s work great also-

The Taiyo Yuden from www.supermediastore.com and www.rima.com are absolutely REAL - no worries there-

Happy Burnin’


TY DVD-R media is excellent, but for the NEC ND-3500 there are alternatives that are as good or even better, albeit they are not easy to find. Very good alternatives are MXLRG03 discs (Maxell 8x DVD-R label, probably the best DVD-R media there is, more expensive than TY over here) or SONY08D1 discs (e.g. with BenQ 8x DVD-R label, usually cheaper than TY). Both alternatives can be burned at 16x with the newer NEC 3500 firmwares, while TY 8x DVD-R discs can be “overspeeded” up to 12x.

If you want best quality DVD-R, you don’t necessarily have to buy TY. You have alternatives.

Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for all ur input.
Now i wont have to worry about getting bad media.

Thanks again