Dvd+ R Question

I’m looking to back up my music library which is 123 gigs onto DVD+R Discs and I’m a little confused about whether i should go with ClickFree DVD200-5 Automatic Backup DVDs or a 50 pack of say Maxell DVD+R Recordable DVDs. The Clickfree discs are supossedly for music and cost much more ($12.62 for a five disc pack of which I’d require six packs for my purposes) at 4.5 gigs apiece or the Maxell at 4.7 gig per disc for 50 discs for eighteen dollars. Is The Clickfree better in any way then the maxell dvds? It almost seems to me that the clickfree discs are just dvd+r discs like the maxells. Is there any real difference in sound quality preservability or overall ease of use between these options? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Use verbatim dvd+r and burn as data with imgburn.
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Thanks, Jethro! I’ll look into Verbatim, is it any beter than Maxell? And what about these clickfree music backup discs i keep reading about, what exactly are they? Are they just plain ol’ dvd+r discs with fancy marketing or is there a tangible difference? Sorry for all the noobishness!:bow:

Verbatim much better than maxell, and yes the clickfree disk are a waste of money (they just do it with built-in software to auto burn)

Ah, I thought so, thanks so much for your help! :flower:

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