Dvd-r problems with new sony super burner

I have the new sony super burner that burns everything +,-,rw and im having a problem im using dvd shrink and nero to back up some of my disney movies for my kids and when i shrink the dvd the bring it up in nero it burns fine if i use a dvd+r, but if i use a dvd-r the nero program freezes i have tried 3 different kinds of -r’s and all do the same. Is there a setting in nero to burn -r’s the +r’s still work fine

please help

thanks alot


Welcome to the forums Sixball911 :slight_smile:

Which sony drive do you mean, three different models come in mind the 500, 510, and U10.

Anyways, try updating to nero to the latest version from www.nero.com
Also try updating to the latest firmware of your drive and use different dvd-r media.

Keep us informed :slight_smile:

it is model dru-510a so it should burn both ill try updating

thanks alot

keep me informed of anyother ideas