Dvd-r problem

hello i am using nec 3551-a my dvd writer could write to any dvd but my computer was broken and i didn’t use it for 1.5 month my mainboard changed now when i try to write to a dvd-r media nero gives “power calibration error” what should i do? (i have 2.02 org. firmware i cannot flash device with another 3551-a firmwares when i pressed flash and selected .bin file it gives an error like this firmware is for a different device what can be done?) thanks for answers i will really be grateful :bow:

Use better & recommended media, eg. Verbatim and TY.

.bin files are usually for CD, not DVD!

thx for answers but i am trying to use .bin file to flash my writer but i cannot do it

Firmware 2.02 is the latest for that burner so what firmware are you trying to flash?

i am trying to use liggy and dee’s firmwares or the other unofficial firmwares

nec send me this but i didn’t understand anything :frowning: :confused:

dear customer,

pls. note the following steps:


It is recommend that device should be connected to secondary IDE port as
master. The (bundled retail) unit should connected with delivered standard
UDMA-2 cable. First deinstall all your burnersoftware(s), clean up registry
is an advantage. If there was an (older) burner in use, it is recommend
before build in the NEC drive, also to deinstall its burnsoftware, because this one can be an oem release only, so NEC burner wont be recognized by

Now Install actual mainboard drivers (Busmaster/ Chipset driver). Pls.
contact in this case manufacturer of your mainboard or pc package to get
newest one. For test you can also try to burn without DMA mode, (only
possible under Windows XP and Windows 2000) in the device manager - “IDE
ATA/ ATAPI controllers”, you can switch from DMA to PIO mode. If you got
problems with NFORCE Chipset drivers, you should better reinstall
Microsofts standard IDE drivers from Windows XP & 2000 CD.

If maximum burn speed cannot be reached (by usage with our recommend
medias) you have to check if system`s DMA mode is activated. Pls. goto
(only possible under Windows XP & 2000) menu “start”>“settings”>“control
panel”>“system” “hardware”>“device manager” to “IDE ATA/ ATAPI
controllers”, there you can switch under "properties - advanced settings"
of “primary” and “secondary IDE Channel” from PIO to DMA mode. If you got
problems with NFORCE Chipset drivers, you should better reinstall
Microsofts standard IDE drivers from Windows XP & 2000 CD. More than one
installed burnersoftwares can cause problems, because some software(s)
replace ASPI driver by their own, which is incompatible to others. Known
errors are e.G. correct written CD/DvD is shown as blank or system freezes
and bluescreens during burn prozedure.

It is recommend to install only one burnsoftware for testing, you can use
actual trial release of NERO ( http://www.nero.com ) and check your burn
project again. Note: Nero offers his ASPI driver on his homepage under

Use our recommended medias, with other medias there will be no guarantee,
to be written correctly and with maximum speed. (
http://www.de.nec.de/softwareoverview2.php/id/557 ) For Problems in
conjunction with InCD, pls. contact directly customer service from Nero. Be
informed, that Mt.Rainier (e.g. directCD) is not supported by all NEC DvD
burners. If there are still problems You can deactivate for test (only with
Windows XP) “IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service”, go to menu “start” > “settings”

“administration” > “services”, search “IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service”,
rightclick and deactivate “starttyp”.

With some Nero Express and Burning Rom 6.x versions, the options (under
"more-button" and “burn tab” available ) "Book Type DvD-Rom"must be
deactivated before starting burn procedure, this feature isn`t integrated
on the hardwareside by all NEC DvD burners for DvD??R/-RW, so burn
procedure will fail if activated! Except for DvD DL medias can change book
type from DvD to DvD? with actual version of nero 6.3.x. and higher.

Pls. be informed for problems with “external” USB and FireWire versions
(oem) of this burner, you have to contact manufacturer of it for service,
support and also new firmwareupdates. Pls. be also informed, that firmware
updates for DvD Burner ND-Series will not solve problems in conjunction
with some burnersoftwares caused by missing support on the softwareside by
their manufacturers. Firmwareupdates usually adds only new media


You can verify read problems of your DvD burner very simple, just create a
MS-DOS Startdisk with CD-ROM support, e.g. easiest way is using a Windows
98(se) startdisk. Otherwise create according to your Operating System a
start or bootdisk and insert DOS driver of burner, you can download DOS
driver here [ http://www.de.nec.de/softwareoverview2.php/id/556 ].

Now boot with your created disk into DOS and try to read from CD and
(unprotected) DvD media, if they can be read without any problems, then
your burner wont be defect. If your PC contains no floppy disk drive any more, use a bootable CD-ROM and DvD with your Burner (e.g. Windows CD) and boot from it. If this is possible, then your burner wont be defect. Pls.
note, some CD and DvD media cant be read because of different
circumstances, like e.g. bad quality or damaged media. But if you cant read
from any CD or DvD any more, then you should claim unit to your dealer as

Also required is a playbacksoftware to read / view DvD Audio and Movies,
such playbacksoftware is not part of BULK package of our ND-Series DVD
Burners.If you bought a bulk version you have to buy a playbacksoftware at
your local dealer. Mostly it is not enough to use only windows media player
or some kind of freewaretools, because they haven`t included the neccessary
media CODECs.

If this steps wont solve your problems, pls. claim unit at your dealer as defect. Possibly theres a chance at your dealer to check drive on an other
PC system, then it can be findout doubtless if an error exists or not.

I would have assumed that provided you use L&D firmware for the 3551 then everything should be fine.

Yeah, hehe.
My mind started jumping on the .bin file… Of course you were talking about a firmware binary file.

chef sorry for disturbing do you know that why cannot i flash my drive (it doesn’t accept liggy’s firmware which is for 3551 :frowning: )

What error message do you get when you try to flash?

i get “this firmware is for another drive” or sth. like that :slight_smile:
in binflash name of the drive seen like this
" I: [_NEC DVD_RW ND-3551A 2.02] " :rolleyes:

by the way can these unofficial firmwares can read more medias that official one cannot read?

They are usually optimized for better media support and also regioncode free & riplock free.


Either 2.02 bt or 2.Y1 seems to be a good choice for updating your drive.

oh hey anyone can help me about flashing problem :frowning:

Something makes Binflash think that your drive is a 3550 (10) and not a 3551 (11), so it will refuse to flash your firmware. Since your drive currently has a 3551 firmware and that’s what my drive converter shows too, it appears that someone has messed with PLSCSI and changed an internal drive ID. :rolleyes:

then what to do :frowning: is there any way to correct this

any1 here ?


by the way i downloaded 1f3orig.bin from liggydee’s site but now it gives error entering safe mode then error when flashing firmware