DVD-r Plays On PC (GSA-4163B) but not in any players properly?

Hey guys. I’m new and I joined because I’ve finally given up on figuring this issue out. As mentioned I have an LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B. I’ve downloaded several backups of movies I own and I then burn them to DVD (from ISO, or I make an ISO using DVD shrink from the raw video files) and they play PERFECTLY fine on my PC. I then take the disks to any DVD player (I have a panasonic 5 disc surround all in one I usually use, but I’ve tried the disks in other players too) and play them. They play fine, read menu’s, even play sound he movie with one exception. The screen is bouncing up and down with a thick black line, just like in the old days of VCR’s when the tracking would be way off, or like if you cranked the v-hold out like crazy on the TV’s picture.

I’m using the colour stream (composite) channel on the TV\DVD player, I’ve tried the regular AV-in jacks to no avail. I’ve tried POS 20$ DVD players and my 500$ panasonic and they all get the same result so I think it’s the burner or the software I’m using. I burn using NERO. I should also note that when I take one of my own DVD’s, rip it to the HDD, back it up, and burn it, it works fine and plays fine. It seems to be just downloaded ones? Thanks for any help, I’ll keep searching the forum again to see if there’s more info on this… :frowning:

Any chance you are attemption to read NTSC disks in a PAL player or the reverse.

Why not just make your own backups from the movies you own? There’s plenty of freeware or cheap shareware tools to allow you to do this.

The scenario outlined by ‘oldandinthe way’ could well be your problem.