DVD-R plays in dvd player, but not on a computer

Hi, I’m an instructor for a high school performing arts group. This past Saturday our group competed at another local high school and received a dvd of the performance. The performance was recorded and then burned onto a Verbatim Inkjet Printable DVD+R 16x. The dvd plays fine in every dvd player we’ve tried it in, but we need to put it on a computer. When we pop the dvd into the drive the computer shows it as a blank dvd. How can this be if we can play it in a dvd player? This computer has played other dvds we’ve received this year. What’s going on?!

We need assistance with this ASAP!

Download ISOBuster & see if it can veiw the files.
It may be able to extract the files.Though both the trial & later free version sometimes won’t extract some things from a disc.
The paid for version will.
Also in your post the DVD is +R But the topic tittle says -R