DVD-R playback on Pioneer 525 when burnt with Liteon DVD burner?

Ive had a look around and couldnt decide on where to put this so have gone for here?

I use shrink and/or Clone DVD to compress DVD discs down to DVD-R and make them use 100% of the DVD-R. Now Im experiencing that some discs will play just fine all the way through in the DVD Player (Pioneer DV-525) but some get to the last 10 mins of the film and the player gives up. No if I play these failing discs in my Liteon DVD Burner they play just fine.

So is the problem my player? (which is about 6 years old now)?
Or is it the filling of discs to 100%?
Or could it be a media problem?

If it is the player and if anyone can recomend a <£100 DVD player that is as good as my DV-525 and suffers less from these problems Id love to hear about it?

Appreciate any advice?

It could be the problem that your LiteOn don´t like your media.

Which media?
Which LiteOn?

I think its going to be a media problem. The cheap media will usually have higher error rates at the outside edge of the disc.

What brand of media are you using?

Sometimes you need to burn slower (e.g. 16x possible -> try 12x)and the problem is gone

Hi Guys, thanks for all the replies…I think it might be the media as you say. Im using infinium disks which could be some form of Ritek - I havent checked.

The liteon burner - I need to check the model and post back!

Im going to get some new media this weekend and try it.