DVD+R playback freezes

Hi all,

my first post…thanx for all the info here! Wish I’d payed attention before…

…I just bought a licence for DVD Cloner II. So far burnt 2 coasters with playback freezing on all the players in our house [5]. :sad:

I’m using the above software [v2.60] with Memorex 4.7gb media on a Plextor Px-504a burner with v1.02 firmware.

Does anyone know of any issues with this setup…I’ve noticed that people don’t have much regard for DVD Cloner…should I dump it and get Clone DVD2?

Don’t really want to waste more blanks if I don’t have to. :rolleyes:

Hope someone here has got some advice…cheers!

its probebly your media, Memorex media is not very leliable.

have you tried doing a quality scan using you plex?

never used dvd cloner, but can recomend clone dvd2 along with anydvd.

Agree on that point,sub quality programs equals coasters,Clonedvd2+Anydvd equals happiness.

cheers folks,

I reckon I’ll try CloneDVD and AnyDVD…seen licences on Ebay for not too much cash…will this give me more control over amount of compression and other features?

Should’ve looked before I leaped on the software front…oh well!

thanx for yr help!

you can identify the media code of the memorex discs with dvd identifier.

you can still use dvd shrink to backup most dvds - itz free.

you may need to run anydvd in background if dvd shrink has issues with latest copy protections

Hm, it’s either poor software, players that don’t like recordable media, or the burner not burning the media well.

The Plextor 504A could be a problem, it’s pretty ancient, wasn’t even built by Plextor, and only does 4x DVD+R and 2.4x DVD+RW. You’ve got the latest firmware, but it’s a year and a half old. If it’s brand new Memorex 16x media, I doubt it’s known media for the drive. Might wanna consider the $40 for a new BenQ, NEC, or Lite-On.

It’s not likely, but all the players in your house could be sensitive to the media, might wanna give them a look up at VideoHelp and see if others have had luck.

And it could be “DVD Cloner II”. I don’t know anything about it, but so many programs are just a frontend for DVD Shrink, it could have a somewhat decent piece of software behind it. It probably gets the job done, is what I’m saying.

My money’s on the burner being too old for new media.

Hi guys,

thanx for your input…

I just tried cloning my copy of The Shining and got another coaster.

I’m thinking my prob is with DVD cloner as this time I got fewer freezes but the audio is missing on the docu movie that comes as an extra. The movie itself has audio fine.


tehgrue, I am using Memorex 8x dvd+r which should be ok in the 504a plus I have burned tons of home video onto these same dvd+r’s over the last year without any issues. I’ll try again with different media tho’ just to be sure.

thanx again!

…just been checking the .vob files in the backup folder that dvd cloner has been outputting. The video does NOT freeze up when played back as a file in Power DVD…however there’s a huge 2 second sync problem with audio to picture when I do this. Is this normal?

the plot doth thicken… :eek:

Nah, I guess DVD Cloner is just crappy software.

Use a better, free alternative.

Just joining in here. What DVD player are you trying to play the disc in? Is it a sony?

The reason I ask this is because I had a few discs that would play about 5 seconds of video and skip around on the disc. In some cases it would just skip all over. After a little research I found out that it only happens on a sony DVD player. The problem appears to be some form of copy protection. I switched over to DVDFAB and the problem went completly away. On the discs that I had a problem with they played fine in other DVD players and on the PC but just not on any product that sony makes.

Not sure if this is a good idea - look at the FAQ on the slysoft web site. They state:-

[B]I have puchased a registration at ebay. It does not work.

Don’t buy keys at ebay, buy them on our website. Then they will work.[/B]

cheers abrown…saw that too. The guy selling on Ebay has 100% feedback including the clone dvd licenses he’s selling.

But you’re right to ‘caveat emptor’ there mate! I’ll have to think about it.

hey robo 100,

the dvd players I tried are malata dvp 520, plextor 504a, lite on…can’t remember model, cyberlink ch300, pioneer 116…same problem at same locations with all of them.

The only thing I would say that when you buy a licence from Slysoft it registers the software to you (with your name from the purchase information) - when they issue an update, they can disable software that has been shared. I am pretty sure you will also not get any support from Slysoft or Elby if you do have any problems with the software.

Or am I being overly suspicious???

Oh, and I forgot to add - you can download them and use them free for 21 days anyway - so that will prove if it works for you and sloves your problem :slight_smile: