DVD+R packaging

I’ve been buying Ridata 8X +Rs from Newegg for a reason that many of you will find weird: for environmental reasons I can’t bring myself to buy blanks that come on a spindle. I just can’t see buying the discs and then throwing away all of that plastic when the discs are gone. THe RIDATA DRD+47-8X-RDIW comes wrapped in plastic and has top and bottom plastic thingies, but it’s a bit less plastic than a spindle.
The problem: I just got a bad 50-pack and need to order more right away and I’m worried I’ll get the same batch with the same problem. Does anyone know of any other high-quality manufacturer selling 8X +Rs without a spindle? I’ve looked around a little and haven’t found anyone but Ritek so far.

I think it’s pretty much going to be spindle-only. The hub-printable Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-Rs come wrapped in plastic, but I don’t know of anything else. Have you considered using the empty spindles to store discs?

I send the discs out after I burn them so I don’t need much storage. I could probably come up with re-uses for the clear top part (planters, whatever), but not the bottoms, and I’d rather not have them in the first place.
Anyone else know of other brands?

you could use the bottoms to send to people you don’t like with a note that says, “Sit on this and rotate asshole!”

sorry, couldn’t resist.

On a more serious note :smiley: have you considered recycling the plastic?

I always find it useful to have a spare tub or two, to store the rest of an opened shrinkwrap.

I normally just stab the spindle through the shrinkwrap, so that the media is all neatly spindled before breaking the wrapping anywhere else - minimum handling.

Stick those spindles into your recycling bags with the rest of the plastic if you don’t need them. I’m sure the folks at your local recycling plant will figure out what to do with them.

But drpino’s idea is probably the best application.

We don’t even have plastic recycling here in Philadelphia, but if we did it would only be for #1 and #2 plastics, which spindles ain’t. I don’t of any way to recycle plastics other than #1 and #2.
I’m already using a couple of old spindles to hold my shrink-wrapped discs, and I would never tell anyone, even an enemy, to insert toxic materials into any orifice. Maybe an organic hemp spindle (with good, non-petroleum-based lubricant), but certainly not a plastic one.

hehe, good one while still maintaining your ethics. :wink: