DVD+R or -R TDK 8x for LG-4163b?



I recently bought LG-4163b, I must say I’m quite satisfied so far. But I only burned TDK DVD-R 8x TTG02… The thing is that my disks are almost finished, and I’m going to buy a bigger spindle (propably 100 disks). So now I’m with a dilemma. I don’t know if I should buy again -R, or if I should prefer +R. I’ve read tons of threads on many sites, and even more articles, but still they can’t seem to make up their mind :)) Some say that +R will soon be out of business, some say that +R are better with data than -R, others that -R are still more compatible with standalone players even with bitsetting support on +R disks… Others say that they’re the same, as long as we’re talking about known brands and not “noname” disks… I’m really very confused. And the thing is, that LG can’t make a DVD quality test with CD/DVD speed, and my DVD-ROM is reaaaally crappy (SONY DDU1621), and I can’t do a quality test there…
Could anyone please give me a hint?? are really DVD+R better for data?? I wanna know if I’m gonna have any problems with my mp3’s that I put in my DVD-R disks… would you recommend to me TDK DVD-R or DVD+R?? the price is exactly the same here in greece…


LG 4163 will overspeed most 8x DVD+R media to 12x, but not 8x DVD-R.

However, 16x DVD-R is faster than its +R equivalent - although not by more than ~ 20 secs.

I tend to use mainly Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media - both +R and -R.


I have an LG GSA-4163B too. Am currently going through a spindle of TDK 8X DVD+R. The problem with TDK 8X DVD+R discs is that different batches are made by different manufacturers, at least for spindles. They are usually either CMC MAG E01 or RiCOHJPN-R02-03. I have used both. The CMC MAG E01 stuff is not that good. Out of a spindle of 24 (1 still unused), 3 or so ended up as coasters. The CMC MAG E01 TDKs burn at only 8X as well and cannot overspeed to 12X.

I am currently using the RICOHJPN-R02-03 ones and those burn at 12X. Have only used 4 so far but no problems with them. From what I’ve read in the various posts here though, the quality of burns with RICOHJPN-R02-03 on a LG 4163 is not that good as compared to MCC003 or YUDEN00-T02 media. I have no idea how well that compares with TTG02 though and would like to know as well.

I’ve noticed TDK 16X DVD+R discs on sale in spindle packs of 25. They don’t seem to be very expensive, at least here in Singapore. They might be worth a try.


hmmm…I’m not interested in speed and overspeeding… I don’t mind waiting 4-5 mins longer. I’m interested in quality recordings, and if one format is better than the other for data/video…


I understand. You probably need someone who uses a 4163, has tested both RICOHJPN-R02-03 and TTG02 TDK disks and is capable of doing scans. I just wanted to warn you that if you do choose TDK 8X DVD+Rs, to stay away from the CMC MAG ones.


actually it’s more of a “general” question about DVD-R vs DVD+R, I just mentioned my drive in case it makes any difference…


I only use quality media, namely Verbatim 16x +r (never tried the -r version) and Taiyo Yuden 8x +r and -r. I have better (more consistent) results with the -r version than with the +r.
General statements about either plus or minus are useless; if it works in your standalone, that’s all you have to care about. The quality varies from mediacode to mediacode, brand to brand and even from batch to batch.
If you want the best quality for data storage, use dvd-ram.


well… DVD-RAM is quite expensive. it’s just that I’ve read a lot lately, that DVD+R disks are better than -R for data. Compatibility with other devices is the second thing in my mind right now. Quality is the thing that I care about the most. And since I don’t have much personal experience I don’t know which one (+R or -R) to choose for some stuff like TV recordings, that I can’t find again if a disk goes bad after some months. I know that this can happen with ANY disk, but still, I would like to know that I have the odds by my side. Still noone with TTG02 scans? Are TDK DVD+R with a different media code?


Yeah, here.


I preffer -R


hmmm…I forgot to mention that I don’t know how to read this scans (pi errors and failures), but they seem quite good :slight_smile: So I guess -R are better…


Both a really great scans though, so you can’t go wrong either way!


In terms of quality the sign + OR - does not matter! Go for the cheaper offer. In terms of multisession writing +R has a huge advantage by not wasting space; as I read and tested on multisession -R discs the waste of each session is over 100 MB; the +R only waste 0.5 MB. I store mainly data on DVDs, not movies, so for me the +R is the first choice.


Why not use dvd-ram, Corbus? I would not trust either +r or -r for important data, and -ram has zero waste.
Of course, if the data is expendable, the cost of -ram may be too high.


corbus could you tell me EXACTLY how many MB are wasted for each session in a DVD-R ??? I mean for a multisession disk of course…


Questions not specific to LG drives are mostly better dealt with on general RH forum. Plus/Dash comparison, multisession… first of all, search for some FAQ’s on CDFreaks.com main page and club.CDFreaks.com #61 (general Recording Hardware) forum.

Use either DVD+R or DVD-R disks for your MP3 and DVD-Video disks. Both are compatible with practically all DVD devices on the market today. Modern LG DVD writers are good at writing to both DVD+R and DVD-R disks.