DVD+R or -R for important data backup?



I’ve read that there are differences in data safety stored in this two formats… Which one would you pick for most important data? Why?



There is no one method of data backup that is adequate. Certainly not optical media. Any successful backup must include multiple copies, preferably on different media. That said, it doesn’t really matter which you use as long as you have a “plan B”.


When i backup important data, i used to do it on a CDR and make several copies on different brands. (Most of people data will fit in CDR. Don’t have to reach DVD.) I have enough space, i’ll make multiple copies of data on same disc also (multiple directory.) Then store these discs seperatedly.

On top of that, from now if i make a backup, i’ll include a parity check on data. Look here


Ok, but if it’s the case of “Best data security when storing only on one DVD disc” which one should I use, +R or -R? I’ve read some comments that one corrects reading errors better because of better developed medium structure…


You mean this right?

To me, quality of discs is more important. If discs are not manufacture properly, it can cause more errors regardless of format anyway. I’d take any good quality DVD-R (TDK, Ritek, TY) over cheapo DVD+R (optodisc, AML, etc) anyday.


Yes, I mean this

Especially this fragment:

Not only are the pre-pits more error prone than phase modulation, but data they carry are also less protected. In one ECC block pre-pits carry 192 bits of information (one pre-pit block). Out of these 192 bits, 48 are not protected by any error correction mechanism, 24 bits are protected by 24 bits of parity (A parity), and the last 56 bits are also protected by 24 bits of parity (B parity). All in all, this strange heterogeneous structure finally gives a pretty weak protection to the information bits carried by pre-pits.