Dvd-r or dvd+r?


I just purchased an LG 4120b burner. Before makeing first copy one of my DVD movies I have one question. I have SM1200 (SkyMaster) standalone DVD player. It’s few years old…well question is: are older DVD (cheap) Players more compatible with DVD-R (coz is first, and supported from DVD FORUM :stuck_out_tongue: ) or with newer DVD+R? ps english is not my native language, if u find some mistakes pls forgive me

If your burner can do bitsetting then DVD+R is the way to go

Asid, tnx i’ll try. Trying and testing are two best teachers :wink:

I have an old dvd player also, if i were you, i would go with dvd-r, as you have a better chance of it working (as it is old), that is not to say that it won’t work with dvd+r, as it turned out my dvd player plays both. I would go to http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers and see if you can find your dvd player their, it might help you out with what works and doesn’t work. Another way to go is to purchase one dvd+r and one dvd-r and see which one works.

jr06 i also think that DVD-R is more compatible with older players. I found this: SM Supervision 1200 CDR yes;
CDRW yes; DVD-R yes;

hmm…i’ll try later today, with one - and one+, thah’s the best way to find out.

hmm, few days ago i´ve bought DVD+RW medias, and they work perfectly with my standalone dvdplayer…