So far the one thing I’ve noticed majorly while burning backup DVD’s is that DVD-R seems to be ultrally picky. While most movies play acceptably in the XBox it seems like stand-alone players (My Allegro (Zenith made unit) ABV341 for instance) seems to have problems playing the DVD-R’s properly.

Now I have a Lite-On 451S@851S and was wondering, since I’m getting some Ritek DVD+R’s hopefully tomorrow) and know I can change the booktype setting with the booktype tool - what book-type setting should I use and will they be more compatible then the DVD-R’s especially with the Lite-On burner? Seems the Lite-on’s don’t like DVD-R’s as well as some burners - of course I could be wrong in that. I know a lot of you folks seem to live by and use +R’s for everything, just wondering if my success rate will be further improved by moving entirely to +R and maybe just saving -R’s for general data and such in the future? Thanks for your thoughts and comments. :slight_smile:

speaking strictly about format compatibility (and not about burn quality/pickiness, which is a whole other subject), in my experience, i’ve never had a dvd+r with booktype dvd-rom be unreadable in any device that can read pressed dvds, which includes every dvd player in my house, my xbox, and several friends’ and relatives’ players/devices. in my opinion, dvd+r with booktype dvd-rom is the most compatible recordable format, and i use dvd+r pretty much exclusively because of this, but for data backup, either format is fine.

Hi all. Being new to all the DVD burning and media types etc. I wanted to be sure of what type of media to buy to be compatable with DVD players ( I have a panasonic, nuthin special)

I thought I had this all figured out … but as I read I’m not sure now. I thought the -Rs were most compatable with home DVD players. I was just at a local computer show and bought 50 SKC DVD -Rs. Was this the wrong thing to get for home DVD players?


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what type of media to buy to be compatable with DVD players

…bought 50 SKC DVD -Rs. Was this the wrong thing to get for home DVD players?
Taiyo Yuden

Only you can tell. Otherwise SKC have always produced good media.

Ahh… thx, I think I finally have it!

DVD -Rs are not necessarily the right choice for home DVD, unless of course they are. And being such then DVD +Rs would do just fine, especially when they are tricked into being DVD -Rs. Of course if you trick a DVD - to be a DVD + you will get a DVD * which as everyone knows is many times better than worse.

right? :iagree:


is there a list of dvd burners that can chage book type? i thought you could only change book type on a -RW or a +RW. currently the dvd burner that i have doesnt change book type. atleast i dont think so. i’m working with an optorite dd0401.

Got my new batch of DVD+R’s. So far using the DVD-Rom booktype all the movies that I have backed up (5 or 6) have played perfectly in both the Xbox and my very picky Zenith Stand-alone (Some stuttering but that is another issue dealing with that particular player I guess with DVDR media). Very good results and I’m impressed, I’m converted over to DVD+R permanently now I guess. :smiley: