I have a question about DVD+r’s and DVD-r’s. I would rather use DVD+r’s over DVD-r. But someone said that not all DVD+r’s will work in dvd/ps2’s, does anyone know if DVD+r’s will work in most DVD/PS 2 players?

dvd+rs WILL work in most dvd players, but whether or not a player can play them or not will vary on an individual basis, and the same goes for dvd-rs as well, so it’s not like all dvd players can play dvd-r. as for the PS2, earlier generations can only read dvd-r, while later generations can read both.

THanx for the heads up AZImmortal. Well I’ll probably be getting my first DVD player for this Christmas and I wanted to ask you which one you suggest. I’m looking for one that is really good, plays almost all DVD+r’s but isnt too expensive but worth every penny. Thanx for all the help.

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I would rather use DVD+r’s over DVD-r.
It depends. You should test it by yourself and see how it works with your upcoming DVD player.

All I know for sure, all Taiyo Yuden DVD-R work just fine in my 5.y.o. Panasonic DVD A350.
Other DVD-R brands have issues there. Although I didn’t try Verbatim ( MCC ) yet.
Ricoh DVD+R can be played like 50-50. Weird !

thanx for the reply BoSkin. But I’m looking for a DVD player that can play DVD+R’s. I have a Plextor 708a burner which can burn some DVD+r 4X at 8X which I want to take advantage of. Any other suggestions would really help in me selecting the right DVD player for this.