What is the difference between DVD-R or DVD+R, and which should I use for backing up PS2 games?

for PC files, use -r
for movies use +r

so use -r for ur games.

all I know…

no vice versa i thought
dvd+ for data and dvd- for compatability
but i don’t know what for gameconsoles (also dvd- i guess)

Yeah at the moment the ps2 is using dvd-r media
but the games do have copy protection on so you will need to remove that first before making a back-up.

You can use dvd-r or +r for anything but the negative is used in the majority of dvd players and stuff like that so the choice is your (i recomend dvd-r)

or apply Bitsetting, and change ALL +R DVD to DVD ROM! :cool:

There is no clear cut answer to your question, my very old PS2 will read -R and +R booktyped to DVD-ROM, as far as RW media goes +RW is superior but as for single write media it all depends on your burner and what your standalone will play, if you’ve got a Liteon/Sony stick with +R if you’ve got a Pioneer stick with -R and for other burners just check the appropriate thread for what they prefer.

How do I remove the copy protection?