DVD-R or DVD+R with bitsetting

I have just updated my firmware on my nec-3500 to 2.TG now it supports
bitsetting which will allow me to burn discs as original (DVD-ROM) but my question to you is :

which media will do a better job DVD-R or DVD+R with bitsetting on dvd players?

I understand that the quality of DVD-R is better then DVD+R, whats your opinion?

thanks guys

I am considering MCC03 (Vebratim) + or - please help

There is no real Quality Difference with - over +. It was always a compatibility issue.

As for bitsetting: you can only bitset a + Format disc so the choice is really simple.

Verbatim is A Grade Media.

also check the nec forum. you might find that your nec writes best to -R than +R or vice versa

ok thanks

now I wanted to know if one media is better then the other

if the quality of DVD-R is better then DVD+R or the other way?

I can’t comment on the quality of the disc itself, and I would have to assume that the lifespan of the disc will depend more on the quality of the manufacturing process than the format.

That being said, I have found that YUDEN000 T02 +R discs burn better on each of the 7 different burners I have used. This is with comparisons to TYG01, TYG02, Prodisc -/+R, Verbatim -/+R, Ritek +/-R and TDK -R. Occasionally I will find a burner that does a better job on a TYG02 or sometimes a Verbatim disc, but in general, they all do a very good job with the YUDEN +R.

All comparisons are 4X and 8X media.


thanks guys


And - if you want to make your burning really good - suggest that you get a Lite-On 1693s as your reader/ripper - with the ability to do good CD-DVD Speed Quality Scans and Kprobe scans for around $40-

I would set the 3500 up as the “Master” and the 1693s as the “Slave” on the same IDE channel IMO-