DVD-R or DVD+R: which is better for PS2?

Recently I’ve heard (on a rumor) that +R media is not as lens/laser friendly with backed up games on PS2 than -R. Of course it’s model specific since around launch time +R didn’t exist and wasn’t implimented for compatibility until later on. With +R being newer and what not does anyone have any experience and or knowhow regarding this issue? Thanks

As with any console I personally recommend DVD-R. It is true that as a whole consoles do tend to get along better with a quality -R disc than quality DVD+R. This is even factoring in such things as booktype change, firmware updates, ect. Both with the XBOX and the PS2, those who stick with quality -R media (ie Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi Chemicals) tend to experience fewer problems than those who use even the best quality +R media. That isn’t to say that a good chunk of people who use +R won’t get them to work, I am simply saying that the odds are better with -R.