DVD-R or DVD+R which is best & why

Could some one please tell me which is the best for making DVD’s to play on a Toshiba 330 player and why. I have looked but i cannot see anything which says which is best

it seems to have no extra ordinary DVD+R compatibility so I’d say go with DVD-R for greatest compatibility. The booktype will be set at DVD-ROM automatically.

Unless there has been some magic performed, I am quite sure that only DVD+R discs can be bitset to DVD-ROM. This is assuming that the DVD-Recorder/burner used even supports said feature.

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Toshibas do tend to get along better with -R. With that said it will probably work just fine with a +R with the booktype set to DVD-ROM but as mentioned above, that all depends on your burners ability to support that feature. The prices are about the same so it really isn’t that big of a deal. A quality -R disc and a quality +R disc are both about the same.

-R booktype cannot be changed to -ROM as the disc it’s self has that pre-recorded leadin like a CD-R can’t be done. It is NOT automatically set to -ROM no idea where you got that from that’s nonsense.

Only +R/+R DL bitsetting can be changed to -ROM by adding a second session to where -R has that pre-recorded lead-in = it isn’t really -ROM it is a trick which works very well and is far more compatible than -R despite what you may think.

-R will play on 85% players, +R will cover roughply 79% but +R w/ Booktype -ROM is nearly 99%+