DVD-R or DVD+R which is best & why

Could some one please tell me which is the best for making DVD’s to play on a Toshiba 330 player and why. I have looked but i cannot see anything which says which is best

Depends on what you’re looking to do, for your 1 player it may only have 1 choice. The most compatible are DVD-R they play on 85% of players since they are the first format, DVD+R are less compatible they will play on 70% of dvd players. So for compatibility reasons you want -R, if your 1 player supports both it shouldn’t make a differnce.

I am not going to get into the whole -R vs. +R but the +R have a feature available only by certain writers & usually hacked firmware known as “Bitsetting” which changes the booktype. In +R using booktype -ROM it should play on 99%+ DVD players making it basically the same as a DVD-ROM (fools the players).

So +R are better for that reason, if you want a burner w/ bitsetting a lot of us use the NEC on here.