DVD-R or DVD+R, urgent!

Which are better for mostly PS2 backups, movies, games, etc…DVD-R or DVD+R? or it really dosen’t matter.

If you have an old, old PS2, I don’t think they really like DVD+R. Otherwise, shouldn’t really matter.

I have a V12 slim ps2. So I’m guessing DVD-R would be better?

Why don’t you try it? It is the best way to find out…

Depends on version. I wouldn’t know how the v12 handles either disc in particular, but my v5 loves ALL dvdr :smiley:
It takes -r, +r whether bitset -rom or not. Newer PS2’s are advertised that they can play +r! But apparantly some versions may or may not work with bittsetting, and vice versa.

Depends on PS2 model, media and format.

In other words some older models have no problems with +R if you use the right media.

When it comes to the media the most save combinations are
Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden dvd-r.(but most likely +R of these will work just as good)

v12? You are one lucky so and so. :bow:

I heard the v12s can read both -RW/+RW discs as well as the -R and +R discs. :eek: