Dvd-r or dvd+r? please reply

hey, sorry is this has already been talked about but which is better for making backups of PS2 games? and which is better for backups of dvd movies? thanks.

You should give the search engine a whirl. More factors than just +/- format come into ‘what works best’ equations. Older version PS2 like - better, same as older standalone dvd players like - better. Now you’ll find new PS2’s and Players are compatible with either. I use TDK-R (TTG01) 4x and they work fine with my PS2 backups and DVD backups. I have used a few of the TDK+R (RICOHJPN) and found they work just as well. Good media can make all the difference.

Just a tip, that whole ‘please reply’ thing is unecessary.