DVD+R on DVD-R home dvd player



Recently I went to friend’s and tried to play a film with his home dvd player with no success. It was a DVD+R. I tried another DVD+R and we couldn’t get it to work neither. But these 2 DVD work on my home DVD player so I guess his DVD player can only read DVD-R because when I tried with a DVD-R it worked. I burn my DVD’s with codeking’s CG5G firmware (with autobitsetting box checked with omnipatcher) on ridisc DVD+R (ricohjpnr01) with a liteon 851s. Is it possible to get my DVD+R working on his home dvd player or do I absolutely need DVD-R ? Sorry if the question is stupid as I suppose it has already been asked many times (I though didn’t find any answer :confused: so far)
Thanks a lot for your help.


Just try it :), its possible that his player will play booktyped +R but nothing is certain until you try.


I already did. The DVD+R i mentioned are mine. Ridisc DVD+R ones.


but are they booktyped as DVD-ROM?


Yes, they are according to liteon bitsetting utility (v. 1.3.5).


the standalone could be the problem. seems like it has difficulties in reading dvd+r(booktyped) discs.


DVD-ROM, is most compatible booktype than DVD-R in DVD-Video.
DVD-Rom booktype is the compatibility function you can do, play “plus discs” in older (< 2003y) home DVD players.
“Plus discs” had the major advance burn faster than “minus discs” (until now) -So any doubt about compatibility is not serious.-The problem stand on “plus discs” like our burner (dye) ,and speed quality burn (firmware)


Well, the burn quality on these discs is nearly perfect, the average PI is <5 and I have no spikes/mountains on the scans. So the problem maybe comes well from the standalone, but I don’t really know.


What is the standalone player?

How old is it?
Is it a brand name player? or is it a cheap and nasty from the discount store?

Some players also prefer DVD+R that hasn’t been bitset.

My brother bought himself a DVD player because it was that cheap, it was worth it just for testing. Damn thing wouldn’t play ANY burnt DVD’s and had lots of trouble reading pressed DVD’s for that matter.
Luckily he already had a much better DVD/Divx player.