DVD +R not recognized

Please let me know if I am in the right spot for this…

We have three DVD’s, only one with a small amount of data written to it will work in all four DVD players in the office. (just data files, not movies games or apps).

The other two with a large amount of data (almost full) will only work in two DVD drives in the office.

Here are the specs.

  1. Memorex DVD +R
  2. Windows Vista or XP, it doesn’t seem to make a difference for this problem.
  3. One machine has two dvd drives, one is an RW the other just a ROM. The DVD will work in the rom Drive but not the RW. One other machine in the office has an RW drive identical to the one above and it works fine.
  4. The disk was burned at a customer site using Nero and it was closed and validated when it the burn was complete.
  5. Put the disk back in there and it will not open.
  6. I can copy the disk in the machine with both drives to a -R disk and it works fine everywhere.
  7. I’ve updated the frimware and drivers.
  8. I’ve downloaded Nero’s utilities and the disks are not recognized by those utilities.

Any ideas? I am out of things to try.