DVD -R Not Recognised

Hi Guys, I’m new to the forum and I need help!!! :sad:

I am currently using Sonic RecodNow! software to burn my DVDs and have never encountered a problem until now.
I was previously using DVD+R discs to store data as I only used them on the PC. I drag and drop the files I want to burn into RecordNow! and put the disc in the drive and hit the burn key. It went through the burning and verifying steps ok and produced my discs perfectly.
Now I have purchased some DVD-Rs because I have a lot of home video camera files that I want to be able to play in the living room machine. However my DVD writer (NEC DVD+RW) doesn’t seem to recognise these discs. They’re wite surface printables but I’ve thrown away the packaging. Are these un-formatted?
Please help!!?

Welcome to the forum, Linda! :slight_smile:

Can you tell us the model number of the NEC drive that you have? Sonic may tell you this somewhere.

Also, can you recall the band and rated speed of the DVD-Rs that you’re trying to use? They won’t need formatting prior to use, no.


Thanks, but I just noticed on the PC front “HP DVD Writer +R +RW X8” so it probably doesn’t cope with -Rs.
Can’t find model number, but thanks for your help. I have a DVD player than can read +Rs anyway I just wanted more options.

Yep, that’s what I suspected. Well, at least you know what to buy now. :slight_smile: