DVD+(-)R not readable with Schneider HCS 400

I have a big problem and I am worried about it. I just bought a NEC ND 3540A DVD writer and I made my first backup movie with DVD Shrink. I used an Intenso DVD+R (4.7G). But the backup is not recognised in my Schneider HCS400 DVD player (Home Cinema System)! It could be possible that my player is not working at all with DVD+/-R, although it is reading mp3, VCD and SVCD without any problem? If yes, could I make a firmware upgrade? I searched for a new firmware for my player, but I only find it for HCS 550 or 515! Can I try to install a firmware from other type, or is it dangerous? Please help me.
Thank you in advance!

  1. I think your player can handle DVD-R/+R, BUT: please, try to use another media, a good brand, like Fuji, Verbatim, Ricoh, etc.
  2. Do not try to upgrade your player with a firmware not meant for it!!!

The change of media most probably will solve your problem. If the problem persists, we can figure out what to do next.

Thank you very much! I solved the problem using Sony DVD-R! It’s working perfect! I think it’s also important to use DVD-R… I read somewhere that there are more compatible with other “home” devices. Thanks a lot again. :iagree:

You are welcome, Aven.