DVD-+R not backwards compatible?

Ok I just got my 451s today, flashed to the 851s, everything looks fine. Except that when I burn a DVD, the only drive that recognizes it is my DVD burner and the burner on the laptop. This also happened with a data CD-R I burned, but if I make an audio CD-R it plays fine in everything, all from the same burner. I know I’m missing a glaringly obvious detail here, but somebody please help me figure this out. Ugh, feeling really stupid right now… :\

not all drives are capable of reading any/all recordable formats, especially older drives. you can try running nero infotool on the systems with the drives that can’t read the discs and see what they’re supposed to be capable of reading, which will tell you whether you have a real problem or not. with that said, it’s strange that a drive can recognize an audio cdr, but not a data cdr.