DVD R Media Types - Help!

I have seen lots of different brands of DVD Recordable Media (+R, -R, +RW, -RW, RAM), and would appreciate your inputs to help me out in trying to sort out all the confusion…

I see Memorex, Maxell, Sony, Verbatim, TDK on store shelves (Walmart, Circuit City, Best Buy, Sears, CompUSA, etc…) and they all have different prices for the same type of product, 4.7 GB, 120 Min…So, which ones are generally good for doing recording of DVD movies, and for recording on a DVD Home Recorder? Like I saw a 5-pack of Maxell DRV-RAM’s for $25 - that’s kinda expensive!! BTW, that was Made in Japan…Then I see a Spindle of 50 DVD-R’s (TDK) for $40 - about 80 cents per…not too bad…Sony’s tend to be in the $1 each range (+ and - R’s) and Sony RW’s are about $2 each…BTW the Sony’s are made in Taiwan. Memorex seemed to a lot cheaper - Some Maxell R’s were cheap as well (Made in Taiwan)…

Can you guys advise, tell me what can I do to sort it out and purchase some good DVD Blanks without spending too much money - to find a reliable Blank?

Thanks a bunch guys!!


You have to tell us what kind of burner you have and the firmware thats in it. Then we could possibly tell you what is compatible. You could also include the software you are using to burn the disc with.

PERSONALLY, I would go with Verbatim… Second choice would be Sony or Maxell that is “Made in Japan” (usually in the +R).