Dvd+r media question

Hi everyone,
Im a newbie here, and looking for some help. I just came to realize i have been using the 16x dvd+r media on my nd-2500a… (incompatible i suppose) Problem i have is the disks i did burn are not readable, whenever i put a disk in nothing shows up as if there was no disk. So my question is -do i need to flash my burner with new firmware, and if so, which one? Or do i need a whole new unit that supports read/write of dvd+r? Im just a bit bothered by the fact that i managed to back up some data on the dvd+r disks and now not able to access it. dvd-r media works just fine though.
Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance!

Look into here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f86/nec-optiarc-f-q-updated-04-04-2008-a-120934/

Thanks chef!

As informative as it was, the only thing that made sense as to my issue was removing the upper and lower filters since I already flashed the drive with several firmwares and still no change. Please correct me if im wrong.

Maybe its oldish now and slowly dies…

Just keep using DVD-R…You would need to change booktype from +R to DVD-ROM ,however I don’t believe your NEC allows changing it… If you must use +R media then get a new drive that allows it, e.g Lite-on…

I came to that conclusion as well. The more i researched i found out out that nd-25xx are likely to have read issues. Booktype can be changed with modded firmware, but its useless as it will not read, just write. My next step is getting a new drive, something that is compatible with more media and more reliable… Any suggestions appreciated!

Thanks a lot!