DVD+R media Prices in Australia

hi i just bought a nu computer not relising (cant spell that!) that dvd-R media is cheaper in Australia i could get a 20 pack of DVD-R in Australia for $44 (31.7548 USD) and a 5 pack of DVD+R for $20 (14.4340 USD) now thats is lame as, i should of got a - burner, but ive got a + so now ive gotta find cheap + media ive seen a ritek 50 pack of + media for $32.50 on the net but its an american site and i cant order things from the net, so if any aussies could find a great deal for me that bould be great, and also it would be great if these were south australian (as in i would get them in S.A) im kinda looking for DVD+R 50pack 4.7GB 4x or 8x MEDIA

Regards, AuV8Grunt

You can pick up a spindle of 50 Princo DVD-R for $34 from The Disc Shop - www.thediscshop.com.au

sorry if i seem like a a**hole but i really need + media not - as i cant find cheap + blanks in australia like i mentioned in my earlier post, so if u can find 50 + media spindle for $34 that would be awesome

I am having the same probs as you I need +r and it’s way more expensive here for them than -r and every place i’ve been to only sells 4x media. Like you said it’s $20 for 5 discs +r. I had a look on ebay and they are at a reasonable price there but you gotta buy 100 discs@ $100.
Oh you’re not being an arsehole, it’s not your fault people can’t read.

Hey guys~!

Xtreem Technology Centre are media specialists based in Melbourne. They can send to anywhere in Australia.

go to www.xtreemtc.com.au

They sell DVD-R’s and DVD+R’s at really competitive prices.

Info Smart DVD+R 4x - 0.75c per disc in tubs of 25
Smartdisc A+ Grade DVD+R 4x (my personal recommendation)- 0.95c per disc in tubs of 25
Ritek DVD+R 4x - $1.20 per disc in tubs of 50


What burner do you have?

It’s very possible that it can burn both types, :iagree: with a firmware update ;);):wink:

Check out www.msy.com.au, princo $26 for 50, ritek $44 for 50. Dvd+r $33 for 25. :bow:

From SA? I’ve done searching myself and the cheapest place for +r’s seems to be Little Computers (www.littlecomputers.com.au)

25pk 4x ritek +r’s is $28. 50pk $56

10pk 8x ritek +r’s is $16