DVD+R media on PS2

Is it possible to play DVD+R discs on the play station??
I thought i read somewhere that u need to change the booktype??

if so how do i do that??

Yes And NO!
Depends on how old your ps2 is.

v1,v2,v3,v4, dont like +r much… v5,v6 like it better and v7,v8,v9,v10 playes it flawless I think.

I had both v5 and v7 and they both do +r without booktype change.

How old are your ps2? less than 2 yrs? Then its probably one of the new devices.
Anyways, try one and test. but DO REMEMBER! PS2 is very media sensitive, only the best of the best on low speed should be used.

If you have a drive that bitsets DVD+R to DVD-ROM the disks should play fine on any playstation. Not all drives bitset and there is no one way on how to do that. (ie depends on your drive). if it is one of the manufacturers in the recording hardware forum I suggest you do a search on the appropriate forum for your answer or ask if you can not find any info there.

My v4 PS2 doesn’t like them much. Some +R won’t even play. Most will play but it starts to mess up towards the middle. I ended up connecting my computers S-video out to my TV and watch them with PowerDVD.

Like I said use bitsetting if you want to use DVD+R media on PS2s.

I was using bitsetting. I actually have never tried not to. I wonder what would happen. Maybe I will test it later.

how are the error levels on the bitset disks? I have heard that bitset DVD+R to DVD-ROM are actually more compatable than dvd-r.

The ones that will play and mess up in the middle are all TY T01. Usually <12 max PI and 2 max PIF.

The other disks I have are Samsung Optodisk 0R4. They won’t play no matter what the scans look like. About half of them burn just as good as the TY’s. The other half usually end up with over 250 PI and more than 10 PIF. I just toss them when I get scans like that. Luckly I only have 5-6 of these left.

And both brands play fine in my sisters DVD player.

what burner you using?

It has been said that Ritek’s disks work well with the PS2’s optical unit. Maybe you can try them.

I usually use VERBATIM DVD-R on my mobbed version 7 ps2
But i have also used DVD+R with no problems…
This was before i flashed my drive with herries firmware to enable bitsetting…

Lite-On SOHW-812S flashed to 832S using firmware VS0B. I use Nero Express to burn them. I have tried version,, and the version right before that.