Dvd+r media for 812s@832s

hey guys, i’m thinking of getting some dvd+r media, i’ve still got the batch of g04’s, they’ve good but skip on my standalone occasionly but not with dvd+r. there’s a place that’s selling a no-brand (rimedia) dvd+r discs for really cheap (http://www.rimedia.com.au/), $30 for 50. should i buy them or not?

i’ve read a comment on videohelp, http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?selectmedia=2416#comments
but it doesn’t seem really good.

i’m just a bit worried like when i burnt my first few princos, they had pi averages about 30-40’s but about 2 months down the track, i scanned them and they had high 100’s, although they’ve been stored properly in my cupboard.

Try these. There are a lot of us who get pretty good results and the price is better for quality media.

sorry but i’m from australia…thanks anyway.

Nice spot chas0039 and a price hard to beat…but newegg doesn´t ship internationally. :wink:

vdk_au, media at that link you posted are definitely princos. You already have bad experience from them, so I think you better look somewhere else.
In media forum there is a thread covering onlineshops in australia.
Also take a look i our Bargains Basement. :slight_smile:

Finally. But there seems to be a better future for princo media. A short while ago two new members signed in at our forum claiming they have found a new better writestrategy for princos (or was it for princo “fake” media?). There is a light in the tunnel… we may hope.

i might purchase the ritek r02 then ($39.00) about $10 more…costs a bit more but for the sake of better quality, there’s the ro3 but they cost even more, but don’t think i need to buy them.

just wondering are the ro2 as good as the g04’s, from my experience the g04’s are quite good, not that good but good. i’ve just seen kprobe tests for the r02 and they just don’t look that good as go4’s…thanks

You know with all the trouble you guys have overseas I could make a nice living re-shipping media. Too bad Newegg isn’t shipping outside of the US; they used to.

vdk_au, I don´t have any experiance of RiTEK R02, but every media is better then princo, I think. :wink:

chas0039, I´m interested and I think you could make a good living on that idea. :iagree:
Right now I buy my media in germany (I´m from sweden as you know) and I save ~100 to 150 USD on yearbasis. Not much but, quite a few beers.

You know how to get in touch. :slight_smile:

Thats an excellant price for those Ridata dvd+r’s. Do you know if those are for sure Ricohjpn? I’m not out of them but for that price I would stock up. Thanks, Marty.

Hi vdk-

I just bought some media from that same shop myself. The ones I bought were being sold as Ritek dvd+r R02. BUT, when I received them they are actually Ricoh dvd+r R01. I have burned 11 discs so far and have had no problems. My Kprobe scans from 3 I have done are great. I’m not sure why they are selling them as Ritek R02’s. I’m guessing they have no idea they are really Ricoh R01’s and I sure am not going to tell them :wink:

I am going to buy more of these discs from them soon. I just hope they are all really Ricoh R01’s!!!

If you buy some of those as I did, check them out and let us know if they too are Ricoh R01’s if you can.

The current batch seem to be Ricoh but last summer I got R03s; these seem to be the 2 options. I have been able to get very good burns on my 812 at 6X and equally good burns on NEC at 4X with the R03s. For me, either media is fine.