DVD-R media for 1620

I need some reccommendations as to what brand DVD-R will work best with my 1620. I’m burning VHS captures of home movies, so longevity and quality are the main concerns… I don’t care too much about speed, I just need consistently good burns.

Based on the thread titled something like “DVD+R better than DVD-R… NO MORE!” I’m guessing the top choice is Taiyo Yuden… anyone know where I can buy less than 100? Also, I haven’t seen much about other brands like Verbatim…


The TYG02 or 8x DVD-R is very good -R media. I would prefer using the TY02 +R media for the BENQ1620 but others have a different opinion.

Look for Fuji Film at Best Buy if you are located in the USA. Make sure it says MADE in JAPAN!

The DVD-R discs from TY are great, too! I bought a spindle of 50 from Blankmedia.ca and they’ve all been burns of quality 98+. They also play well in my standalone DVD player, but I’ve heard DVD+R work just as well…

Thanks guys! The person I am burning these for has a DVD player (standalone) that cannot play +R, so that’s why I was asking about -R (should have put that in my original post).

Since it can’t play +R you might try it anyway since your 1620 will set the booktype to DVD-ROM and it may play even in players that won’t play +R. I personally feel that booktyped +R is more compatible with players than -R.

I tried that already… his player doesn’t like anything but -R. It will play the cheapest, most error prone -R that I have (Leaddata, etc) but it won’t play TDK, Ritek, Verbatim, Maxell +R bitset to -ROM. So, instead of wasting more of my +R media, I’m just gonna stick to giving him -R…


slow-ride > Do you have a NEC? You can change booktype of +R to -R with Binflash and see if it plays > http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=822152&postcount=519

I’d say go with the Taiyo Yudens (You can order the regular TY’s from Rima.com and Meritline.com and get the real thing - watch for fakes!), Ritek/Ridata (I’d stay with the 4x DVD-R’s - the G04’s are pretty good in the BenQ DW1620 I believe), and Prodisc. Those 3 are my “preferred” brands nowadays. If you want cheap-o DVD-R’s that burn fairly well in the BenQ then you can try the Optodisc 4x DVD-R’s or 8x DVD-R’s. I’ve burned the 4x DVD-R’s and they played back well even in the pickiest of stand-alones I have although for the price difference I just prefer sticking with the name brand brothers I mentioned above.

Ahhh, Verbatim is another one, can’t forget them. The MCC 003 media ID is nice. :slight_smile:

Adding - I’d like to try some Sony media and BenQ media yet. Of course I use +R format but have heard and seen both brands of media scan out very well on the BenQ DW1620A and NEC ND3500AG alike. Probably when I use up a bit more media than what I currently have sitting here I’ll order 100 of the BenQ 8x DVD+R White Inkjet printable media to give it a shot. :slight_smile:

slow-ride…please find out the make/model of your friends DVD player. I would like to know that info so I can research this issue. Something does not sound right.

It is a Panasonic DVD-CV52. According to the database over at videohelp.com it will play +R, but that hasn’t been my experience. Looking at the comments on videohelp, it seems to vary widely… for example, TYG02 -R had one person say it wouldn’t play, while TYG01 -R would.

I dunno, seems strange. I’ll take those reports with a grain of salt though, since there are similar comments on my own player (Panasonic F61), but I’ve found that it plays everything (including the ones the CV52 won’t play, which seems a little strange to me since they have similar capabilities according to Panasonic.

I don’t have an NEC anymore, although I’ve been considering getting another one. I’ve tossed around ideas that the Benq somehow burns a little different and that makes a difference, but I have no basis for that.

Anyway, I just ordered some TY from supermediastore, along with some Verbatim 16x +R for myself… :slight_smile: