DVD-R media any better with 1620 now?

I have a 1620 with the B7P9 FW, I love it and it has been flawless with the +R media I have been using. I am able to get a 100 pack of Ritek G05 DVD-R media from my brother cheaply and would like to try them out but I do recall that this drive when I first purchased it there were problems with -R media , is this still the same with the FW I have? Is it better with the latest (T9) FW?

My burner is buring TYG02s better than my LiteOn 451@832 ever did.

I have a bad batch of Ritek G04s that I got last fall that my LiteOn couldn’t burn within spec at all - very hi PI and PIFS. Burning with my BenQ those discs aren’t nearly as good of burns as the TY discs, but they are within spec and do play just fine (PIFs on the good discs are usually less than 500 but they run 2-3,000 on the questionable Riteks).

Sooooo, I’d say go for it! My -R burning experiences have been much better than with my LiteOn drive!


Hi kpic,

just look there : http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=118570&page=1&pp=25

The thread is named “BenQ burns +R better than -R…NO MORE!

Like Svenson, I also had a LiteOn 451s that simply would not burn -R media, period.

When I got my 1620 a few weeks ago, I decided to try some of the -R media I had laying around that the lite on wouldn’t properly burn. Here’s the result :eek:

hi guys. i am totally new to dvd burning. what does your result mean?
what should we be looking at in those graphs to know whether that is a good burn or not?

Thanks all! Looks like I will be burning some DVD-Rs