DVD-R Maxell 25 pack spindle (Japan) but not TY (MXL RG02)

Hi guys

Can anyone help me figure this out? I thought basically only TY made discs in Japan still besides maybe MCC!

I was excited when I saw a deal on 25 pack Maxwell DVD-R because on the package it says “Made in Japan”. I checked the media code and it says “MXL RG02”.

Has anyone tried these discs? Are these fakes, are they better than Taiwan Ritek’s?

I’ve been using the R+ with my BenQ 822a and haven’t had a problem. All burn between 99% & 100% with Nero CD Speed.

Umm… you should be glad, because you got some of the best DVD-R media there is, and some of the rarest, too. Maxell DVD-R media is slightly better than TY DVD-R media even (TY --> DVD+R kings).

The NEC ND-3500A can burn the faster Maxell MXL RG03 8x DVD-R discs at 16x, for example, while Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R discs (TYG02) can “only” be overspeeded up to 12x. With the correct write strategy, those Maxell 4x DVD-R (MXL RG02) discs you got should give you excellent results.

Cool, thanks! It is on sale. I better go back and buy more if possible!

And yes, I have an NEC 3500A which I am happy with burning at 4x with stock firmware :).

Now, if CD-Rs made in Japan can only come on sale. I will still not stop complaining about all the crap Ritek media I have. Seriously, a full DVD is reading back faster than a full RiCrap CDR did!

Now only if you can tell us the local and price of your sale?