DVD +/- R max file size limit


    I recently bought a Samsung TSST H552U DVD writer.I have an Alcohol *.mdf file image which is around 4.2GB.I want to burn the image as a file so that i can mount it and run.I tried burning the file by compiling in Nero but it says it says it cannot files greater than 2GB in size.I tried make an .iso file of the mdf image as a file in it.Im able to create the image and also burned the DVD but its doesn't read and shows size as 69bytes.I tried the same with DVD Decrypter and  Easy DVD/CD Burner and its the same issue i.e. size of DVD is 69bytes and in Easy DVD/CD Burner it doesnt consider the big file at all and I wasted few blank DVD's   :p lol.I think there some single file size limitation.I would like to know what is the single file size limitation for burning on a DVD(+/-)R or -R/RW. Thnx.

You have chosen the WRONG TEMPLATE.

You must use UDF with files bigger than 2GB.
UDF is THE DVD Filesystem.