Dvd-r long term Storage and another question :)

Hi guys,

Fairly new here, been reading several threads and trying to digest a lot of info tonight :slight_smile:

I’ve been backing up my movies on dvd-r for about 3 years now. Only had a few costers out of hundreds of backups so I think I have that process down.

Been using SmartBuy dvd-r 8x (100 spindle) from Newegg for over a year now and “really” like them. (ProdiscF01)


I’ve been storing them in large 3 ring zipper binders that I keep set on end. I’ve liked the ring binders because I can add or remove pages when there’s a need. But now I’m up to about 5 binders with approx. 200 discs per.

Was going through some of my older backups and noticed that on the edge of the disk that’s exposed, where you’d grad the top to pull the disc out of the page sleeve…there looks to be (what i guess) oxidation or something on the burned area of the disc.

This got me fairly concerned…I “can” seem to rub (lint free cloth) most or almost all of it from the disc, and playing doesn’t seem to be affected. At least on the very I’ve tried so far.

So I thought I’d submit my situation to the experts of these fine community and see how you have chosed to store your collections and what you think about the residue that I’m finding on the exposed areas of my discs. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for any and all suggestions of opinions you might have on these issues!


MC :cool:

I’ve seen this similar sort of ‘oxidation’ on the edge of some of my discs with certain cheap disc wallets that I have (large 288 disc ones in particular). It happens where a small amount of the plastic is pressed to the discs instead of the cloth material. In any event, although it seems like an annoyance more than a significant cause of damage, I have moved on from using these types of storage for anything but discs I tend to lend/give away. Wallets generally aren’t horrible but they are definitely not the best way to store your discs and they can cause some damage. I’ve switched to mostly slim jewel cases (along with a little bit of paper and tyvek sleeves), although I know some prefer using actual DVD cases. Slim Jewel cases are among the cheapest, least space-consuming while still remaining a very good way of storing your discs so that’s why I chose it. Of course it’s also much easier to alphabetize/sort your discs when you use some kind of cases/sleeves vs. wallets (although having removable pages helps).

Hello MrCairo,

I don’t really know what to tell you about what may be on your disc’s. Have they ever been stored where there might have been high humidity? Just a guess. [edit]: scoobiedoobie beat me to the puch and has answered your fist question.]

I store just about all of my backups in actual dvd cases, kinda like the ones the boughten movies come in. With these, I never touch the burned side of the disc like you normally do with just a sleeve and keep them at room temp. in the dark and low humidity. This way of storage can be bulky and take up a lot of room so this isn’t for everyone. For me, I just built 8 shelves on the wall the entire length of the hallway so now I have plenty of room… at least for a few more years! :bigsmile: