DVD+R Lite On SOHW 812S Help

Ok heres the scoop, I tried the past weekend to mod my SOHW 812S to a 832 and nothing worked. I could not get windows to reconize any blank media at all. Tried everything and read FAQ’s. So finally I just loaded my stock firmware back to the 812S.

The problem is now, that any DVD I burn is unplayable in my dvd play. It has a funny like Verticle Hold problem like old TV’s had back in the day. The audio plays fine. I have tried 2 different mediums and 2 different dvd players. Both have worked fine for me in the past and both have worked with the media. Did i mess something up or is something off. I am racking my head tring to figure it out and in the mean time making coasters. I need help. Thanks in advance

Dvd media is memorex and imation 8x burn rate
DVD player is Toshiba SQPB and a Pioneer DVC503


I never had problems flashing my 812S to 836S, but it didn’t seem to make much difference except for the addition of limited DL capability. It reached the point that nothing I burned on it was any good. I kept it for a while just for scanning, but a recent upgrade to a Liteon 160P6S proved it wasn’t even doing a good job with that.

Maybe it’s time to mumble a few words over yours and shovel some dirt over it. :wink: