DVD+R Inkjet Printable



Hey guys, I need to get some InkJet Printable DVD+Rs. This is the first time I am getting printables so I don’t really know which ones to get. Its a tossup between Taiyo Yuden (DVD+R47WPP600SK) or Verbatim (94812)… Is it worth spending the extra few cents a disk for Taiyo Yuden, I read they are pretty much the best… Also, I will be using these for movies…


The Verbatims are just as good as the TY IMO.


Both are very good.
The YUDEN000 T02 is slightly more consistant than the MCC 003 (because the MCC 003 was made by four factories!) so if you want to reduce the probability of a bad batch, go for the TY.


Thanks, I’m gonna probobly buy 50 and see how it goes. Is that a good price, or is there other place in the US you recommend to buy from?


Many users from the US buy at Rima.
However, Rima only sells 100 disc packs IIRC.

Happy burning! :slight_smile: