DVD-R Incremental Recording command sequence

Hi. I’m actually coding to write data into a DVD-R using a Pioneer burner.
The plan is to use incremental recording that enable multi-session. My command sequence is as follow

1 Inquiry and Get Configuration.

2 Mode sense and Mode select
BUFE: 0b - disabled
Write type:00h - Packet/Incremental
Multi-session: 11b - enable
FP&Packet size: 1b & 10h - 16 blocks as standard
L_V&Link size: 1b & 10h - 16 blocks as standard
Block Type:08h - DVD standard
Session Format: 00

3 SynchronizeCache

4 Read Disc Information and Read Track Information
to get Next Writable Address

5 Write (10)
The buffer has already there

6 Repeat 4 to get NWA

The problem is after issuing the write command, I found nothing was written to media and ReadBufferCapacity gives wierd “the streaming is not current” which results 0 available block in buffer. and actually, the NWA is not changed as well.
So, it seems that the write(10) didnt do anything.

But if I call a SynchronizeCache, the buffer under-run was occured and the driver performs a linking.

I want to write a sequence of about 6000 blocks without linking and enabled Multi-Session.

So any help?