Dvd-R in NY

Hi guys, I’ve got a funny question for you:

I’m about to buy a dvd recorder for my pc (probably dvd-r 2x) but here in Italy the prices are so high that I still can’t figure out what I should do. I don’t think that companies are going to lower the prices before the second half of the year. A few minutes ago, my brother called me and he said he’s going to New York on the next week, so I thought he could buy a dvd recorder at lower prices and bring it to me.

1st question: is it illegal? I mean, buying stuff in the us and taking it in Europe. I don’t think so but if you know something that I don’t…

2nd question: I’ve never been in NY so I don’t know which dvd-r models are available there and their prices. Would you be so kind to point me to a dvd-r model name, its specs, price and maybe a shop to buy it?

I know it’s a odd question and maybe this is not the right place to ask it. But I’d really appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot,


P.S. My english is not so good, I hope you understand what I say.:slight_smile:

Your brother should go to either BestBuy
or CompUsa,and get a Sony DRU DVD drive that plays and records on DVD-/+RW at 4x. It should cost between
$350 and 400,but it’s well worth it. If the
Sony is unavailable,then get the Pioneer
A05/105 which is also a great writer,however,writing to both formats is NOT available. Hope this helps… :wink:

First of all, thanks for your help!

I like the Pioneer 105 very much, it would be perfect for me.
It’s about 334€ here in Italy, maybe my brother’s gonna find it at lower price (I hope) in NY. The Sony DRU500AX would be great due to the multistandard feature but I’ve got a very small budget, so I think I’m gonna stick with Pioneer.
Now I’ve chosen my dvd-writer: what I need now is to find it somewhere in NY. I’ll check the shops you suggested me and maybe some others.

Thank you very much,