DVD-R in euro ? where?


i am thinking of getting some 2X or 4X good quality DVD-R from any site in euro just to keep the shipping price down .

so can you give me good sites with a good price .

hopefully some good brand like :

Taiyo Yuden

thanks …

Hello COBRA88…in the UK there’s a site called UKDVDR that stock
both DVD format . Last time i checked RITEK along with other
makes were in plentiful supplies. No harm in investigating the site…WWW.UKDVDR.CO.UK. Good luck.


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thank you very much Ivanhoe.

i appreciate your help …

sorry my friend but the site doesn’t accept orders from outside the UK.

so is there any web site else ??

Try this company, I believe they ship abroad.


You can email them to check on


thank you very much yes from the information i can see they can accept.

ok my question is :

is it OK if i take unbranded Ritek 4X DVD-R ?? because they don’t have the branded one ??

there is to type of unbranded Ritek G04 with different color !! which one better .

I like this place:

thank you look very nice…