Dvd-r Imation 8x is very Bad?



Hello, my 1st thread :clap:

My Benq DW 1620 is updated with firmware B7W9 with RPC-1 by Dangerous Brothers

But, the scan show low quality in dvd-rs 8x imation by Fujifilm03

Burn in 4x
Attachment: Disco 1

Burn in 4x
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Burn in 8x Corrupted, only 1 file with divx film 1 Gb work
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The dvd-r imation 8x is garbage or firmware B7W9 don´t work fine with imation.

Maxell dvd-r8x is better that imation dvd-r 8x ?



Goldshield, since you appear to scan with a BenQ, set the scan speed to 8x, as that is the normal speed BenQ expects to scan with. Rescan those and see if the results change, but scan all future discs at 8x.

Actually, the Imation dvd-r 8x (Fujifilm03) results depend on the burner. Look at this link to see that possibly that brand of media (FujiFilm03) is not a good choice for your BenQ1620.

Remember that the mid (this tells you who actually made the DVD–like FujiFilm03) is the most important identification to use, as the disk can say “Imation” or “Maxell,” but neither company actually made it. Always put in a blank DVD, and use CD-Speed to identify the mid. This way, you can return them to the store for exchange if they are not the ones you wanted, because you will not have burned any.

Better choices would be Verbatim 8x (MCC003), Fuji DVD+R 8x (yuden000t02-00), Sony DVD+R 8x (both Made in Japan on the side label), any OEM Taiyo Yuden (like TYG02)… Read through the “Blank Media” threads, but especially the “Post your BenQ DW1620 media here” thread (here’s the link for it, but at the last page), where they burn all different kinds of mids with mostly good results. Take note of the speeds and everything they do, if they use WOPC on/off, if they burn at the DVD’s rated speed or over it, if they used MCSE (the Speed Patch) and what write strategy they used…

Also, in the future, it would be a great idea to tell us what program you used to write the data to your DVDs. :wink: By the way, your first two burns at 4x with the Imation are ok/acceptable quality, so you might be able to burn the rest with the same quality at 4x. To make sure the DVD is readable, be sure to run a Read Transfer test on each DVD, and if the graph is smooth (no big spikes), then your DVD is readable and you should have no problem playing it in your DVD player or using it for data storage.

By the way, welcome to CDFreaks! I hope you enjoy your time here and find it as informative as I have. :bigsmile:


GoldShield, you better look for other media… :wink:

My experiance with FUJIFILM03 on 1620 is limited and results are mixed, but I get best burns at 4 or 8x speed when WOPC is disabled.
Try also older firmware, TDB care them all. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, i go buy verbatim and tayio yuden.

I burn with Nero,Alcohol 120% Version 1.9.2 build 1705 and clone DVD2 Version

My Computer:
P4 2,4C
Intel 865 Perl
512 OCZ DDR 400
VGA TI 4200
HD Seagate SATA 80 GB
Power Supply Thermaltake

My DVD-r´s Maxell are ID:MXL RG03

Scan with Firmware B7V9

A compatibility (Maxell:MXL RG03,Imation:Fujifilm03),with my DVD Player LG 9923N é very good.



I suggest you only buy dvd + r’s as the Benq burns these much better than - r’s. Once you try + r’s in the Benq, you will never go back to -r’s. Give it a try and you will be amazed at the difference. All modern standalones can also read +r’s now.


and I would include that you choose “bitsetting” for your DVD+R burns, so during the burn process, the booktype will be changed to “DVD-ROM,” and that’s how it will be recognized in standalones. This will ensure greater compatibility. :wink:


Write booktype is set to DVD-ROM by default for +R/+RW/+R DL on BenQ 1620/1640’s… :smiley:


Mine was set to DVD+R/DVD+RW/DVD+R DL out of the box. Had to change it over myself.