Dvd-r I burn in my DELL won't play on my dvd player, and some are burning w/o sound!



Hi! I am having major issues with my brand new Dell computer. I have been in touch with them and they aren’t being very helpful. I upgraded the Dell to include a 16x dvd-rw +/- drive. i am using DVD Shrink and CloneDVD to burn movies onto dvd-r disks. So far out of the 10 I have burned, NONE will play on my new JVC dvd player or my parents’ Samsung and Tosiba (just spins for a while and then says “no disk”). The disks do play in my computer & on my friend’s Symphonic brand player. I tried a bunch of different dvd-r brands and none work. My friend burns movies on his Sony burner and I am able to play all the ones burns in my JVC. He uses the same programs. He gave me the same brand dvd-r he uses, I burned a movie on it, and it won’t play on my JVC but the same one he burned does play! Therefore, it has lead me to beleive my burner is just not compatible with 90% of dvd players, or the programs I am using are causing my problem, like they don’t work well w/ my burner.
The other issue I am having is that some of my copies are coming out without sound. The menu & special features have sound, but the main movie doesn’t. I burned the same movie 4 times and 3 have sound and one doesn’t. then it happend on two other titles i burned. has anyone had this happen? is it a burner problem or program problem? i didn’t change any settings in my programs to account for this.
TIA for any help you can give me!


what burner do you use???


My burner is a Philips, installed by Dell.


Go to Slysoft.com and download the latest versions of CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Burn at 4x speed. Make sure you select AC 3/6 audio if available.

Also ask DELL about the mfr of your DVD burner.

If you want to stick to the same configuration, then ask your friend to come over and help with the configuration.


Is AnyDVD a burning program like CloneDVD? do you think my problem of players not reading my disks sounds like a program problem or a burner problem?
dell has told me to use Nero 6 to burn a disk to see if that works. They believe my program is causing my issues. They told me to open DVD Shrink and there is an option to burn though Nero. I looked and couldn’t find this option.
Have you used Nero? It is much different than CloneDVD. If you have used it, any instructions you can give me as to burning thru nero would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


AnyDVD decrypts the DVD in realtime, allowing CloneDVD to copy protected DVDs. Just launch AnyDVD prior to working with CloneDVD. Remove the old copy of CloneDVD and reload AnyDVD and CloneDVD from Slysoft.com. I have both CloneDVD and Nero. You must install Nero Vision Express and use Nero Recode to backup your DVDs.

Try quality Made in Japan media first. Burn at 4X using CloneDVD. If you can read the burned media with the PC, then the problem is likely to be the quality of the DVD-R media. I take it that you use cheap no-name DVD-R disc?


I have DVD Decrypter and Vob Blanker installed, but haven’t had to use them yet, as DVD Shrink has enabled me to get the files I need onto my computer. Last night I installed Nero 6 package 1. Do I need the other packages as well?
I actually have used several different types of brand name disks…TDK, Verbatim, and Philips, as well as Staples brand. My friend burned a movie on a Staples disk which plays in my JVC player. I burned a movie on a Staples disk and it WON’T play in my JVC player. So, I don’t think it is the media…it must be a program or burner problem.

Is it possible my burner isn’t compatible with CloneDVD, or do you think my burner is crap and just doesn’t work with 90% of dvd players? Dell said they’d replace it, but I want to rule out programs first.


All Dell I know of are based on +R DVD writers and no -R. I thought Philips made only +R writers for Dell?


Nero Recode is in package 2. The problem is NOT with CloneDVD since you were able to read those burned DVDs on the PC. You can download DVD Indentifier and post the media ID of those working DVDs. Post a picture here.

Why can’t you test at 4X with Made in Japan media?


Dell did tell me to try dvd+r disks, but I have heard dvd+r won’t play on most dvd players, so I didn’t to go spend more $ just to find that out. the drive is supposed to be dvd-rw +/-. the dvd-r disks i burned do work on other people’s players, but not on the majority. so, they do work, but if they don’t work w/ my players, i need to figure out why and fix the problem if i can.


I will download Nero package 2 tonight if that is necesary to burn my files onto disk. I can test with 4x made in japan media - just need to get some.


You can also get free samples by contacting RIMA.COM. Ask for a sample of Taiyo Yuden DVD+R and DVD-R media. Keep the burn speed at 4X during the test. Some drives are better at reading bad media.

If the disc is improperly formatted by CloneDVD, then it will not work with ALL DVD players.