Dvd-r Help Recovery



Hey everyone i could do with a realy bg favour with this, my freind and his family went to australia like 2 years ago now and they stayed at his aunt who lives there, she had a video camera and they recorded loads of stuff and brought back the dvd’s there are 2 the thing is nothing can read them dvd players hyst get upset and crash and if you put it any dvdrw pc drive you just get the blankdisk thingy come up :frowning: anyway ive had a look on nero and there are tracks on the disks. i believe the problem is that the disks where not finalized i try to finalize on nero and it just gives me the error “unspecified recorder error” i also tryed it on the pc downstairs and get the same error with both the disks, does anyone know how i can recover the dvd video files from the tracks maybe??? please help!!! thanks


try isobuster


Or ISO Puzzle :slight_smile:


god im so confused i don know what im doing with this! does anyone know of a service where you can send of the dvd’s and they repair them or make a nw copy??