dvd+R Fujifilm playback problemssss



i just bought me an Lite-on ldw-401S (+r/+rw only) yesterday.
The first time i wrote my DVD +rw perfectly wich was included in the package but couldnt read it nor in the dvd writer nor in the my dvd-rom wich is an Lite-on 163d tooo:confused:

With Nero 6 the latest version .

and i kepped on trying for many times without results (burned well / but didnt REad well):confused:
Then i looked for an firmware wich i found (ES0E) wich according to liteon HQ supports more Media :smiley: and flashed it.
not long after thing began too change and suddenly it wrotes my dvd+rw and read it in the both drives :bigsmile:
but now i have the same problem with DVD+r Fujifilm wich doesnt read in my Lite-on 163d dvdrom but Barely reads in my DVDwriter :confused: and when i try to play it in my Stand Alone DVD player โ€œSoundwave AV 200โ€ it says BAD DISC

My project was as follow:

i used nero 6 the latest to make an DVD-video with the following settings:
DVD-rom udf Phsychical partition / file system version Udf 1.02 (according nero best compatibility) and progressed to the other window where i put the VIDEO_TS AND AUDIO_TS dirs in cappitalls. and burned the whole thing. Wot i noticed when i burn DVD+rw (didnt ocured with DVD+r:confused:)is that at the end of his write progress when he writes the lead-out part "i Quote: Generates High Compatibility Borders)?? and takes usualy much longer to finish then according? Is that the final thouch wich makes ur backup to work properly??

do i have to config something? does this have something to do with the sonic LDA utility that installes allong with the Mydvd program
Somebuddy Give me the best Burn Tutorial uve got:bow: