DVD-R Fuji 50pk (TYG02) for 17.99 at Frys

was at frys in Manhatan Beach today and saw the -R were on sale the ad said the sale ends 12/21/04 but it still registered for 17.99 on 12/22/04.

There is also a $7 rebate.

So if the rebate goes through it comes down to $17.99 - $7.00 = $10.99 for a 50pk

Don’t know how long this will last.

You guys are killing me (or more appropriatlly, my wife is going to kill me if she catches me buying more media). She got rather irritated when she found the last 2 100 packs that I though I had hidden well enough. It just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper though. I may have to try to pick up a pack or two (like I really need it).
Thanks for the heads up!!!

Darnit! And I don’t have a stinking Fry’s local to me or I’d run out and get a 50 pack. sighs