DVD+R format type incorrectly set by GSA-4163B?

I have noticed that when burning DVD+R discs with GSA-4163B the format type of the burned disc as reported by DVDInfo is incorrect (random numbers instead of the correct 1.02 UDF version). At first I though that this was a software bug, but I have verified the problem with a second burning software as well. I have also reproduced the problem with (official and rpc1) firmware A104 and the latest (unofficial) A105. Can anyone with this drive confirm that this is a problem with the drive?

I use Sonic RecordNow! Deluxe v7.3 to create data DVDs and DVDInfoPro correctly reports the format type on those discs as UDF 1.02.

Methinks the problem may be with the software that is reporting this. Have you tried to see what other software say? Is the disc usable? If so, then ignore what is reported.

The problem is not consistent. For some discs the format type is reported correctly, but for some is not. In either case discs seem to be usable. Is anyone aware of a software other than DVDInfo that can check the format type of a burned disc?