DVD-R Format & Pioneer In General

From what I understand, Pioneer was among the group that designed DVD-R. Is thus reasonable that Pioneer multi-format burners are actually better at DVD-R than DVD+R? Just a question in general. I’ve seen some of the scans already.

hard to say. I think the quality of the media would play a greater role than the format. Maybe someone with more experience can chime in on that. Would be hard to quantify, I think…

Yes, just like Philips is better at burning + than - discs.

In my case DVD+R Taiyo Yuden has significantly lower PI than DVD-R of the same brand.

What model do you use?

From my study of the topic, Pioneer is one of the few drives better at the -R format. Phillips, and LiteOn drives are better at the +R format.

I have many, many TY DVD+Rs in my 107D, as well as some TY -R. If there is a difference in write quality, it is minuscule.

Pioneer A07U

Same here on my A06…maybe burns +R media with a slightly better PI/PO error (but it’s insignificant).

There are now 500 Won DVD+R media in Seoul, which is about US$0.4. Unlike some cheap DVD-R media, most cheap DVD+R media work well with all DVD+R burners I know. a good thing indeed.