DVD+R for data, DVD-R for video years ago, but now?


About three years ago when I was researching into all this stuff we had first generation burners and read many times that the plus format is better for data and minus for video. As I buy in bulk I was wondering has the plus format more or less advanced so that it can be used for video in DVD-ROM drives and DVD players? There is bit setting I know, which helps to increase some compatibility with (usally) older DVD drives.

I’ve considered the following media:

Verbatim DVD+R x16 speed (MCC 004)
Verbatim DVD-R x16 speed (MCC 03RG20)
Taiyo Yuden DVD-R x16 speed
(…and Taiyo Yuden CD x48 speed)

I’m just interested in the compatibility of plus format DVDs as much may have changed since I last read up on the matter, I hope it has. From what I’ve read recently Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden seem to be regarded by many as the best two makes of blank DVDs (and TY for blank CDs) so I hope this helps out with things. I just don’t wish to needing to buy more of one format and having too many of the other kinda thing… :wink: I have also been reading up on much discussed DVD burners should that have any bearing too, such as the LG 4163 (or the 4165 when it’s released) and the DVR-109 etc.

Has anyone used DVD+Rs to burn films and then played them on DVD players and DVD-ROM drives etc?

All help greatfully appreciated.

yes with and without bitsetting they play perfectly & i mainly use + disc for every thing.

Some older DVD players are picky about the DVD format (DVD-R or DVD+R). I use DVD-R because they work in everything I have. Taiyo Yuden is my media of first choice followed by Verbatim. You can pickup a spindle of 100 TY01 (4x, -R or +R) value media for under $30 shipped. This media is labeled “value” because it rates a half notch below the premium TY media. My scans of the “value” media are as good or better than any Verbatim I’ve used. Good luck!

Good to hear.

My Toshiba standalone doesn’t play +R discs and it’s only a year old.

They are which is why I made the thread.

I’ve been reading a lot of technical information regarding the PI/PIF scans and it seems TY is quality. I used to use Ritek (for CDs I think) and Datawrite media once (for DVDs).

I’ve been searching around shops which are in my country, I’m not in the USA. There’s not too much difference per disc between the likes of Ritek and Bulkpaq to Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden. As I’m using the discs where data on it is not necessarily just back-up, I’m looking for media which has low PI/PIF readings and it seems to be that TY and Verbatim are ones to go for, and they are recommended by many people.

I’m not too fussed over the cost, as long as it does the job at decent quality. Although if I buy enough discs I might choose Verbatim over TY because they are both very decent but there’s not too much difference between the two. Plus TY will cost me about £0.94 each (inc VAT) whereas Verbatim 16 speed costs me £0.50 each. Not much difference but I buy in bulk if I’m going to use it all and I’m on a budget as I’m a full time student. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s good.

I only use +R and dont have a problem playing any backed up movies with the booktype set to DVD Rom. one of my older standalone players wouldnt play movies burned on +R but it plays them perfctly with the booktype set to DVD Rom.

I was thinking that this would happen but didn’t know if it was more or less 100% successful.


Different burners burn different medias differently-

So I would defer the purchase of my next batch of media until you settle on the exact burner you are going to use - then search the drive and media sections to see what media works best with your new burner-


Burners I’m thinking of are:

LG GSA-4163
BenQ DW1620A Pro
Pioneer DVR-109

But if it turns out I won’t need DVD-RAM after all and the DL burning speeds have increased, it might change, although they will probably be with these three manufacturers anyway. :slight_smile:

For data and movie backups, a quality disc of either format will be just fine (provided your burner supports the booktype/bitsetting option). I personally prefer -R but that is primarily because I do backups for videogame consoles as well and my experience has been that a quality DVD-R disc creates the least amount of hassle in that field. :wink:

That’s why I’m thinking of either Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. :slight_smile:

I only use Yuden000 T02 8X DVD+R (burn @ 4X and set to DVD-ROM) to back up my DVDs. Works with every player I’ve come across. The burner is NEC 3500.

You can find this media at Best Buy under the 8X DVD+R Fuji. You must look for Made in Japan on the box.

@ furballi

The x16 speed TY any good for you?

I had the same experience. DVD-R works in every drive I test it, without problems.

With Taiyo Yuden-media everything runs fine :slight_smile:


From a cost/return standpoint - at the current prices you will do just as well with 8x Taiyo Yuden media at a much lower cost-

Stick with the 8x for now IMO-


I’m thinking that but have a lot of burning to do in one go preferbly, like 120 discs +. :smiley:

Is it OK to backup data to -R media?


If the data is important, don´t use the cheapest media.

Take Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim.

Thanks! I’ve been using 8X Fuji. I believe it’s Taiyo Yuden since it’s Made in Japan?