DVD-R for $17 per 100, Free Ship. Good Luck!

For anyone who wants to take a risk here it is.


well…looks legit as they are honest about the quality of the discs…but i wouldnt expect good scanz with kprobe…

I agree that the price is just about right to take the risk but I would rather spend $27 and have 50 of 50 discs work than to spend $17 and have only half or none of them work. :wink:

Well… I fell into the evil voice. Ordered 50 for fun. (For $8.50 and free shipping? They are kidding!!!)

So… my NEC will meet a tough challenge due to the owner’s spite.
Let’s see if it finally lose its “coaster-free” mark. :slight_smile:

@ Can I remind you that that “the worst media contest” is still going on in this forum? :slight_smile:

Hi all, It’s taken a while to read my way to this point on CD freaks, but maybe I’ve found a home!! I live over in the Philippines and media is always iffy, lol, started buying the cheapest stuff as it’s about the same as the “branded” stuff. Anyway, DVD-r (printable) are about $0.27 in Manila and the branded stuff double that and more. TY and high quality just not available here, so a few coasters not that big of a deal. Burn about 100 +/-20 wk doing VHS transfers. Printable CDRs about $.18 and tryoing to get volume discounts, but hard to do here, buy 1 @ .17 or buy 100 @ .17, all the same to these people. BTW Melody is top of the line here, TW made I think.

Welcome jerryf01! What Burner are you using with the media you spoke of?

Thanks for the welcome, and I’m using a sony 510 and a Pioneer 107, looking to add another at present, Prob nec 3500 due to what I read on it being best with poor media. :slight_smile: